How To Clean Carpet: The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Commercial Carpet

Commercial rugs can be found in many spaces, from offices to hotel suites to wellness centers. This means that there are many different ways carpets can become unclean or absorb dust and debris.

Ensuring proper care for your commercial carpet is essential to ensure its durability and longevity. If commercial carpets are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, their lifespan can be shortened, thus incurring huge and premature carpet replacement costs.

To ensure that your commercial carpet is always in top condition, we’ve put together a complete guide to this cleaning process. We review many different carpet cleaning methods, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each so you can make an informed decision.

Carpet cleaning method

Determining the best commercial carpet cleaning method depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of washing you require. Do you need to target stains or just want to maintain cleanliness? Or your carpet material is made up.

There seem to be endless options, from carpet cleaners to more traditional methods. Since there is no single solution that will fit all situations, we will walk you through some of the most popular and effective methods, looking at the features, the positives and of course, the negatives. extreme anymore.

Hot water extraction

Hot water extraction is a common practice for many professional cleaners. It consists of a combination of hot water and professional cleaning agents, which are pumped into the carpet. The purpose of this solution is to break up stains and any dirt that has built up over time.

After the carpet has been treated, a professional, high-powered vacuum will be used to suck up the dirt. The suction force of the vacuum combined with the hot water solution will make the carpet restored to its original state.

The benefits of hot water extract cleaning

  • Very good at targeting carpet stains
  • One of the most thorough cleaning methods available
  • Break down bacteria in the process
  • Leaves less waste after the cleaning process
  • Better for the environment than other methods
  • Disadvantages of cleaning with hot water extract
  • It’s a time-consuming cleaning method that takes longer than other options
  • The drying process can also take a long time, which means the carpet must be left in place.
  • If drying is done improperly, bacteria will grow in the carpet
  • The machinery used to extract hot water is noisy, and therefore in some industries, can only be used at certain times.

The Disadvantages of Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

  • It is a time consuming method of cleaning, taking more time than other options
  • Drying can also take a long time, which means the carpet has to be left untouched
  • If the drying process is done incorrectly, bacteria will grow in the carpet
  • The machinery used for hot water extraction is noisy, and therefore in certain industries, can only be used at certain times

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